UITableView Basics Part Two

As i mention in my previous post UITableView Basics Part One where we saw how easy is to implement listing functionality in your application using UITableView, we will continue with more tutorials for presenting different ways of using this powerful component and at the end of this UITableView tutorial series...Read more

UITableView Basics Part One

Almost in every mobile application we have seen one component which showing listed products, listed contacts, mails, messages, photos etc, this component is known as UITableView. UITableView can be found in very different types of applications from social to business applications and most of the time is used for listing user...Read more

Using UINavigationController component into your iOS App Part Two

In the previous tutorial Using UINavigationController component into your iOS App Part One we saw how easy is to develop application with multiple UIViewController-s using Storyboard and UINavigationController as navigation mechanism. With only few click we can connect all relations and easy we can implement simple fully functional prototype for presentation...Read more

Using UIAlertController component into your iOS App

In iOS8 UIAlertView and UIActionSheet become deprecated and new component was introduced, UIAlertController which is used as replacement not only for UIAlertView but also for UIActionSheet. One of the improvements in UIAlertController is removing the delegate and executing button logic in the block. UIAlertController is very useful component because easy...Read more

Using UIImageView component into your iOS App

Every mobile application have at least one image which is displayed, whether is profile photo, photo album or product photo. This component is called UIImage. UIImage is component which is contained in every view component from UIKit. If we see in Attributes Inspector, every component have property background image or...Read more

Using UIDatePicker component into your iOS App

UIDatePicker is nice UI component which is used for visually date manipulation in application. Like UIPickerView component explained in previous tutorial Using UIPickerView component into your iOS App this component is return selected date by giving us possibility for selecting. We can find this component implemented in applications where we...Read more

Using UIPickerView component into your iOS App

One of the most used components when we are developing iOS application is UIPickerView component and is used for selecting predefined options ( similar to HTML dropdown menus ). For example, we can load this component with different textual data which can be presented as one section or we can load...Read more

Using UISegmentedControl component into your iOS App

In this post we will create simple project for demonstrating how to use UISegmentedControl component within your application but also we will use other components like UITextField, UILabel and UIButton which will make our simple project much more rich. Let’s start.   UISegmentedControl is very simple UI component with two...Read more