Starting new iOS project

Every application start with 2 basic steps, selecting which type of application we want to develop and the second dialog basic info for the project. In all of my tutorials i have repeated this steps and i have repeated them too many times so i decide to write this 5...Read more

Navigation in iOS application using UITabBarController

Every application that use more then one view controller require some navigational mechanism. In previous tutorials i have in details explained navigation using UINavigationController directly from Interface Builder or using UINavigationController initialized in AppDelegate. In this tutorial we will use UITabBarController component which is very useful and very popular for...Read more

Writting simple API Client using framework Alamofire

After long time finally with new post, this time with easy and practical explanation of how to write api clients for applications. In this tutorial we will use Alamofire framework and we will implement simple api client for the open source bookmark service BookmarkIN. There are many ways for writting...Read more