My name is Zharko Popovski and i am professional software engineer with a passion for new technology and focus on developing complete software solutions from ground up.


I am coming from small and very beautiful country Macedonia which is in the center of South East Europe, place with beautiful nature, lakes, mountains, beautiful food and very friendly and diligent people, currently living in Germany with my wife and two small angles, my kids.

My tech journey i am moving from my country to the city where i am live now Herford, where i will try to implement some of my ideas and grow them up, because technology is the place where we play.

Education and learning:

December, 2015
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies, Software Engineering, MSc

May, 2007
Faculty of Communication Sciences and Technologies, Computer Sciences, BSc

June, 2001
DETU Mihajlo Pupin, Electro technical High School, Technician for Automatic Control and Computer Science

Working Experience:

With more then 10 years of professional experience as software engineer working in different areas of computer science, working in different companies with different teams i have gained rich knowledge for developing professional software solutions from ground up from analyzing requirements, planning, developing and testing.

Following the customer requirements my past 8 years i have focused my experience in developing mobile solutions for Android and iOS mobile platforms with complete backend and api development as part of the solution. My primary focus is on developing iOS mobile applications with rich user interface and unique user experience.

Computer Skills:

Most of the time i am programming in Objective C and Swift but also bellow is the list with other programming languages and technologies i am using depending on requirements:

  • Objective C, Swift, Go, PHP, Lua, SQL, JavaScript, HTML/XHTML, XML, JSON
  • iOS
  • Codeigniter
  • Git, SVN
  • MySQL, SQLite, Redis
  • XCode, Sublime Text, Visual Studio Code, XMind, GIMP
  • Mac OSx, Linux, MS Windows


Since i am technology enthusiast i have interest in different areas in computer science, bellow is the list of some of them:

  • OOP Design Patterns, Mobile Application Development, Backend and API Development, Software Architecture Design, Database Design
  • Parsers, Interpreters, Lexers, Code Generators, DSL
  • Scrum, XP, Agile Project Management, Team Work, Organization
  • Internet of Things


Zarko Popovski, Vladimir Trajkovik. “Affordable Smart Living System Prototype Based on Generic Environmental Sensors.” , ICT Innovations 2015, pp. 109-118. Springer International Publishing, 2016.


For more info about me please check my LinkedIn profile.

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